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>> 5.27.2011

Hey, guys!  Did you miss me?  It's been entirely too long!  This semester has been crazy busy.  No excuse, I know, but still.  So I'm officially out of school as of yesterday!!  Now I can give this blog some attention! I've got lots of ideas for projects and outfits.  I think this will finally be the summer I start selling my rings!  My hair stylist just opened her own spot and offered to sell my rings in her shop!!  So now I have to get to making them hardcore.  Along with this venture, I also want to get my etsy shop up and running officially. I've got some big trips planned this summer.  Starting next weekend with an anniversary trip!  Hard to believe it's been 5 years!!

So there's a little mini update for you, just mostly to let you know I'm still alive and haven't forgotten about my blog!  Expect some major stuff coming soon!  So with out further adieu here's a lovely video to tell you how I feel right now!  Enjoy!


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