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Don't Mind Me, Just Grocery Shopping...

>> 3.14.2012

Howdy, gals!

So yesterday I went to Whole Foods after work to grab some stuff and the bagger chick told me that she loved my outfit and that I was really cute!  So because that made my day and there was actually a little time when I got home, I decided to snap a few photos with my new iPhone.  I did it super quick, so don't judge.

Could she have been talking about my shoes? (Payless a million years ago)

My new mint green sweater or very old skirt? (both from Target)

My birthday shirt from Ruche?  My button ring from my hubby?

Or maybe my beautiful day old hair or glasses from Warby Parker?

Or maybe just my smile!  :o)  Just kidding!  But her comment really helped me walk a little more confident!  Hope someone says something nice to you today!


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