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A Winter Trip

>> 2.13.2012

Thought I might stop by and say hello!  Here's a few recent photos.  This one is my favorite from an after Christmas trip to NC.  We went on a few hikes.  Good times.

And here are a few from NYE.  Let's just say we had a VERY good time (as I'm sure you can tell)! :o)

I got to wear my new birthday skirt (a present to myself bought with gift money) from Madewell. I <3 it.


Somebody That I Used to Know

>> 2.12.2012

Howdy, Folks!  Just wanted to share this with you guys.  You've possibly already seen it, but I've really been diggin' it lately.  So if you've seen it already, enjoy it again!  If you haven't seen it yet, enjoy!  :o)


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