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>> 6.25.2010

I've had these pictures and this post ready to go now for a day or so.  But I couldn't get it up because I had to clean (boo!).  Our landlords are showing the house and boy was it in shambles!  Anyway, it feels good to be clean now, but it didn't leave me any time for my projects!

So here's a project I did after I finished cleaning up my space.

This ring was for my housemate.  She asked me if I would make her a ring using the two buttons that she had.  So I did!  And it worked out great!  We were a little nervous because of the shape of the bottom button.  But it worked and she loved it!

I also wanted to thank everyone who has decided to follow me and for the sweet comments I have received!  It's so exciting to know people are actually interested in my blog and that it's worthy of reading and commenting on and even following!  So thank you!  I really enjoy reading all the comments and appreciate the support!


Katherine June 29, 2010 at 10:36 AM  

OK now.....I've got a cool button too....any time for little o me??????

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