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Black & White & Red all over

>> 6.24.2011

Hello!  We are finally getting settled into our new place!  It feels like home now.  We love it so much.  I thought that the balcony was going to be a good spot to get photos, but it doesn't really get enough sun during the day.  Maybe it would be better earlier in the morning.  So that's why these are inside.  Which I kind of like because of the white walls.  Well I say white.  They are more of a natural color I guess.

So we are getting ourselves ready for our anniversary trip to Greece!  We leave on Wednesday!!  It totally snuck up on me.  I just can't believe it's so close!  It doesn't feel real.

But it's real!  We are really leaving for 3 weeks on Wednesday!!  So crazy.  It's going to be a great, relaxing trip.  That's why I'm particularly glad we are settled in our new place.  That way we will have a home to come home to that feels cozy.

Outfit specs - Top, Shoes & Necklace : UO, Shorts : Target, Bracelets : a store in Louisville, Rings : Gifts (silver from my brother-in-law & his gf, owl & flower from my mom) 

Chair - Ikea


caycelayne June 25, 2011 at 10:01 AM  

sounds like you have a great adventure ahead of you! take lots of photos to share! :)
those shoes will be perfect for walking the streets of greece! and i really like your chair too! :)

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