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>> 6.12.2010

So in order to get started on my jewelry ventures I've been testing out some new glue to see which one works the best. Hopefully, at least one of them will hold well and I can get fully started on making my rings!

So first I tried this one...the E6000.  It's the one that all the crafters use, I guess.  Hopefully it's a good one!

Then I tried this one on a different ring.  It seem to be about the same quality.  I guess they might all turn out to be better than the super glue and the other bead craft glue I tried.  They both failed.

Here's a shot of my box-o-buttons.  This is where I keep all my stuff.  The box that says buttons on it was my grandmother's.  That's her handwriting.  I think she would be proud that I'm putting her buttons to good use.  The other jar is a jar of buttons I bought in Knoxville at a vintage store.  So all of my buttons are vintage!  I think that's pretty cool.

So I'm pretty excited to see if they work so I can get started!  I just need to have my creative spark happen.  I'm also worried about creating the shop on Etsy mostly because I don't know much about computer code to make it look all fancy.  I'm actually having the same nervousness about this blog!  But I'll figure it out I guess!


Katherine June 17, 2010 at 4:11 PM  

You won't believe this but I actually brought old buttons up here with me to work on a skirt. I have this skirt that I love and a student accidently marked on it and I can't get the mark out. I have decided to create a button design of some sort over the mark to cover it! A friend gave me their grandmothers button collection, so that is what I'm using....Love it! We are more alike than we are different :)

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