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Couture at the Frist

>> 7.01.2010

So today I went with my housemate to the Frist Center for the Visual Arts to see the "Golden Age of Couture" exhibit.  It was quite fascinating to me.  I'm sure some would say it was a weak exhibit because a lot of the time the Frist does have a weak exhibit, but I really enjoyed it!

Well, I totally discovered this photograph by Irving Penn who was a photographer for Vogue in the 50s. And let me just say that I am in love! (I got the image from here)

The expression on her face, the way she is has the pearls in her mouth, that hat, ugh!  I just love it!

The whole exhibit was really fashion inspiring.  I just love the 50s and 60s anyway, so this just fed my need for more vintage pieces!


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