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Whoa, that's a biggie!

>> 7.07.2010

Well, hello!  Sorry I've been away again.  I've got to get better about posting!  I've got a big project in the works.  I went to Michael's today and got some elastic, so hopefully we'll be in business soon!  I'm not sure if the elastic is wide enough, but it's all they had.  So I'll give it a whirl...

Meanwhile...I made another ring today!

It looks a little brown, but it's actually a navy button on the bottom, with a sort of brown-yellow button on top.  Maybe I should take some better pictures showing colors.  I'm learning how to use my camera on my phone.  It's got better megapixels than my actual camera plus it has a super cool app that does this...

Trippy, huh?  Well here's some more normal - not - showing - the - actual - color shots...

Yeah, so more stuff to come!  And I started working on my Etsy account today!!  I just need to see how much to charge for shipping.


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