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It's a sweater!

>> 7.08.2010

So I have this red sweater from Forever21 that I have had for a while.  Red is not my color really.  Well, I guess it's okay, but I don't really like red that much.  I mostly have this sweater to wear with a pair of black pinstripe pants occasionally.  (Wow, I'm really boring and predictable...)

And I also have some really sweet vintage buttons that match from my Nanny's box-o-buttons.

They are amazing ship buttons!  There are 4 navy and 3 whites ones.  So I've been toying with the idea to do something with these things lately.  I really want to cut the sweater and make it a cardigan, but that seems really scary because if it doesn't work instead of having a boring red sweater, I will have nothing.  Also, what if it doesn't fit after I cut it and make a cozy spot for the buttons.  Then I also have to line up the buttons and the holes just perfect...ehh, just too much.

So here's another idea I've been thought of.  What if I just sew the buttons on as decoration?

That could work, right?  I don't know...what do you think?


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