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Fathoms Below

>> 7.19.2010

I was in Virginia Beach this weekend.  Super great time!  We went deep see fishing...something I have been really been wanting to do for a long time.  Well about two hours after we got on the boat, I took a nap.  When I woke up, I got sea sick.  All that keep going through my mind the whole time I was getting sick and trying to keep my eyes closed like the Mate said was this scene from the Little Mermaid...

I was definitely Grimsby in that scene!  If you've ever been sea sick, you know how I felt.  If you haven't, trust me it is a feeling you NEVER want to have.

Well anyway.  I survived and I'm back this week.  In between packing and cleaning I definitely plan to work on some more projects.  I'm actually about to go start one now!  Hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a great Monday!


Kristen July 19, 2010 at 2:43 PM  

Isn't this great Max, the salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face. Ahhh, a perfect day to be at sea.

Oh, yes...delightfu...ohhhhhhh.ewwwww.

haha-I'm sorry you got sea sick. I thank you very much for the Little Mermaid ref. Best movie EVER! haha.

Love you!

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