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Snow Day! (x2)

>> 1.11.2011

Hi, everybody!  So the past two days have been a snow day for me!  So exciting.  I'm convinced it's for my birthday week.  So since I've been out, I've been trying a few attempts at outfit photogs.  First off, here's my front yard!  See snow!!  EE!!  (It makes me happy like a little kid.)

And here's the spot that I decided to take some pictures.  This is after yesterday's attempt at some indoor shots.  (Those are at the bottom of this post).

And now, here's my outfit.  Nothing too fancy.  Just your regular run of the mill snow day outfit, but I thought it was a good outfit to take some photos in.

Here's the details a bit.  My mom gave me this necklace for Christmas!  So cute!  And you can see my new glasses and hair color!

And my favorite boots.  These were my birthday present 2 years ago.  Best. present. ever.

boots - frye, socks - darn tough, jeans - gap, tshirt - target, sweater - forever21, ring - me, necklace - modcloth

Ok.  Now here's my attempt from yesterday.  I thought about posting them separate, but they aren't worthy of their own post.

boots - frye, jeans - h&m, shirt and sweater - forever21, necklace - urban, ring - modcloth

I still need to post the necklace I made for a Christmas gift!  I'll get on that.  Hopefully, we'll have a snow day tomorrow, too, and I can get lots of things posted for you!  Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous,  January 11, 2011 at 8:44 PM  

don't you just love snow days?!! I will unfortunately be going back tomorrow :( nice job on the outfit photos! keep em coming! :)

Anna January 19, 2011 at 9:38 PM  

I'm jealous of those awesome Frye boots! It is my dream to get a brand new pair of Fryes and wear them for years through all kinds of weather. I want to wear them to the ground.

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